Curry- 12 weeks old

Posted On Apr 27, 2021 |

First few weeks, training my new puppy

Curry- April 26, 2021

I had a breakthrough yesterday with Curry.  Actually, it was with me. Curry is by far from the perfect Doberman.  I think if I never had a perfect Doberman,  it wouldn’t matter but it mattered a lot to me how Curry behaved.  I was frustrated and not happy with her. 

Yesterday, I realized something I’ve known but have forgotten.  Train the dog in front of you.  I know she may not be perfect, I also know I can train almost any dog. (not saying it cocky, just that’s what I know).

I was recognizing all of the things I didn’t like. It wasn’t helping our situation.

You see, it has been years since I have had a Doberman puppy. My male Doberman, Hudson will be 13 years old in a couple of months. I totally forgot what having a puppy entails. Also, I'm a lot older now than when I had my last puppy.  Everything has changed and all I remember is how perfect Hudson is now.  

So, I made a decision to stop complaining and to love her. To teach her what I can and see what we come up with… it was like a light switch went on in both of us.

I started from scratch and am training the tiny puppy I have in front of me.  She listened. I can say I see a great relationship coming along and I couldn’t be happier. She will be great.  She’ll be great because I am better than I was a few days ago.  I know we will have struggles but what the heck.  I expected too much of her and she has only been in the world weeks, just weeks. 

I was expecting too much and expecting her to act like, well… like I thought she should. I am accepting her and she is accepting me.  I guess we’ll navigate this together.

I'll share some of her 30 second training videos and we'll see where it takes us

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