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Great dogs are molded and developed using 

 Reward based training 


 A strong relationship

About Us

Chris Bevillard CPDT-KA ACDBC

Chris is certified with the Certification Counsel of Professional Dog Trainers.

Also Chris is a dog behavior consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Through GR8K9S, Chris has been working with many local pet owners to help them have the best behaved dogs.  She has taught for the top AKC Obedience Clubs in Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey. Chris has also shown and finished in the breed conformation shows.  She trained and showed her Dobermans, Irish Water Spaniel and currently her Chinese Crested along with various other dogs for people wanting their dog to be a Champion.  Chris trained Search and Rescue with her Doberman, Parker and has trained two of her dogs, a Chinese Crested and an Irish Water Spaniel for bed bugs and worked for a local exterminating company.  

Reliable and Trustworthy

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the training your dog needs. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on Chris to help you do what works for both you and your dog.  

What we do...

Our training courses are designed to meet the needs of you and your dog or puppy. Whatever you seek in terms of training your dog, we design a course of action to best help you achieve your goals. We love dogs--and their people, too. We strongly believe that a well-educated owner can help their dog or puppy thrive in the home. We make education for dogs, puppies, and their people positive, rewarding and fun!

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All of your needs for all life stages

Would you like to develop a bond with your dog so you can both be happy?

Invest more time into developing your dog.

Look for information everywhere!

Then find someone you trust and who has your dog's best interest and listen to them.

Start early --- or not

Great if you have a puppy and can start setting good habits for both of you

However.... start later, you can help your dog learn a new way to behavior.

It is all very possible

Private Lessons

Great place to start.  Start with a few private lessons and then move on to classes.  Practice at home and then take your show on the road.  Go to classes to practice what you have learned.  I can help you choose the best class for your dog.

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Training is fun


Q. Can I house train my dog or is it too late?

A. After checking with your veterinarian for possible medical problems, then yes let me help you teach your dog how to choose to go in the proper area.

Q.What methods do you use to teach us how to train our dog?

A. I use reward based methods.  I use rewards that your dog will work for and I don't encourage corrections.  

Change your way of looking at teaching your dog and you can change your dog's behavior.

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Please fill out the form for a consultation.  Then you can schedule a training session.  

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